20 June 2019

How not to use our system

Elaine is here explaining how not to use our system and what you should be doing instead.

She searched in Aylesbury and immediately she find an auction property. It is pointed out that the property will no go so cheap so the system doesn't work. Elaine explains how this should give you confidence in the system as its pointing out as it the current guide price you would get a lot of capital appreciation and so the system is picking out a really good deal. She explains how to filter out the auction properties if you do not wish to see them.

Next is a 5-bedroom property which can cause issues as the rental data is not always as strong, and so this is not a good Buy to let investment. Elaine tells us that while there isn't much data for 5 bedroom properties One and Only Pro would rather give some sort of indication as to what rent a property could achieve and it might not be the most accurate but it is there to give you an idea. 

Some of the properties we are seeing in Aylesbury are showing that they need modernization. This means they are not going to achieve the rent stated and the yield will be incorrect as you need to add refurbishment costs into it. Elaine shows us the calculators on the side of the page and how you can adjust the figure to include refurbishment costs or change the rent. She also explains once refurbishment is don't the property could potentially achieve this rent.

It is also pointed out that some people aren't achieving the rent we state in the areas. Elaine explains that this is the potential rent that can be achieved currently. If you have been renting out a property for a few years your rents might be lower as it is the rent from when you started out. 

She then goes on to say if anyone would like to challenge us to find a good deal fastest using their methods versus ours theya re more then we welcome this, as we would like to show how strong the system can be.