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Our predictive algorithms and data analysts; scan, compare and rank properties by future gains and current returns. We can help you pick the perfect investment at a glance.
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Properties scoring 10 are our best picks, the rare finds that are possibly the deal of a lifetime.
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Yield: 12.35%
ROCI: 43%
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Yield: 8.31%
ROCI: 26%
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Yield: 7.80%
ROCI: 23%
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How it works

Have you ever looked for investment property online? Did you notice that everyone has an opinion on the right one to buy?

One&Only does the work for you, instantly picking the properties that will rise most in price, comparing over 200,000 properties from the biggest property websites in the UK.

So, instead of listening to bad advice, trying to guess, or spending hours doing calculations – One&Only makes it easy for you to find the best investment, at the best price.

Just type in where you want to look, and search. One&Only checks the whole property market and hundreds of websites at the same time, and shows you the properties most likely to increase in value.

You can adjust your search so it matches your budget, or search based on yield to find an investment with a great return.

For New Investors
We put the tools, knowledge and experience normally available only to seasoned investors in the hands of anyone with an internet connection. Instead of listening to biased advice, or spending hours calculating and comparing, One&Only finds the best property investments instantly. From first time buyers who want to find the best deal, to investors looking to build their own property portfolio, we make it easy to choose the perfect property.
For Professionals
As the only investment focused UK property portal, we make investment decisions faster and more accurate, saving time & money while maximising returns on both capital gains and rent. Cutting down on laborious research, we help professional investors focus on the metrics which matter. Our unrivalled technical analysis, our detailed market insights and our growing suite of investment tools make us first choice for any professional. For forward thinking estate agents, cutting edge property funds and wealthy independent investors we offer a game changing advantage.
For Private Clients
We offer a fully managed bespoke service, finding properties to order for high net worth clients from across the globe who want to enjoy the growth potential, stability and security of UK property, arguably the most sought after real estate market in the world. Using a combination of our algorithms, data analysis and inside knowledge we find, finance, insure and manage properties for clients who want to invest smarter with zero hassle. Our multilingual staff specialise in helping clients from the Middle East, Asia and emerging economies.

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Each property has a score from 0-10. The higher the score, the more likely the property is to rise in price.


We display potential yield data next to each property, giving a snapshot of the deal and helping you quickly identify the highest yielding investments.


Our network of property experts publishes insider guidance on the hottest investment areas around the UK.
This is the potential achievable yield.
Potential Return-on-Cash Invested
This is the potential achievable yield and potential Return-on-Cash Invested.