"To be of assistance to as many investors as possible and taking as little as possible in return"

- A vision from One&Only

As we are limited to the number of clients that we can personally work alongside. We have made our analytical tools and ranking system available for a larger audience. In building our brand and a company goal we would like to assist as many investors as possible.

A property typically will be bought for one of two reasons Income or Capital Appreciation

Income- This is generated from rent

Yeilding showcase

Our portal displays listing ranked by highest to lowest yield. Showing in seconds which are better return on investment. Rather than listing in price highest to lowest. A search facility more befitting to an investor.

If purchasing with a mortgage it displays the cash on cash yield. Further showing you within your personal situation which property will give the greater return.

Capital Appreciation:

  • Purchasing a property and over time wait for it to appreciate in value
  • Purchase a property under market value
  • Purchase in a micro area likely to appreciate in the near future
  • Forced appreciation- purchase a property which once after refurbishment will be worth similar properties in the surrounding area.

BMV Showcase:

Our portal displays listing ranked by whether there is a chance of the property to appreciate in the near future. Our experts analysing and then scoring the property out of 10.

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