14 October 2019

10 buy-to-let homes for under £65k.

Looking to invest under a tight budget? See 10 properties listed here at One and Only under £65,000, that also show the best yields and return on capital from your investment. Check out https://www.oneandonlypro.com for more information.*


1. Two bed Terrance house in Exeter Street for £61,950


Ideal property for first time investors, with a close walking distance to St Helen's town centre and a mile away from St Helen's Central Rail Station.

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2. Two bed Terraced house in Hull for £62,000


Fantastic investment opportunity for this affordable property with huge yield potential. Two double bedrooms, with a location that it close to Hull City train station.

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3. One Bed Terraced House in Barnsley for £60,000


  This one bed property is close to both the Barnsley hospital and Barnsley town centre. One & Only’s algorithm has calculated that for investors who are considering renting out this property, it could lead to an 27% return on capital invested.


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4. One Bed apartment in Bradford for £62,000

                                                        Ideal property for a first-time buyer/investor. This property is located close to Bradford City and several schools. One and Only Pro have calculated that this property could allow you to have up to 8.71% yield annually.

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5. Two Bed Terraced House in South Shields for £62,500

This property is in an ideal location that is close to the local town centre in addition to many schools under half a mile away. Investors can have the opportunity of gaining up to 24% return on capital invested.

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6. One Bed Flat in Wednesbury for £60,000

This property is located near to Darlaston Town, featuring a dining room, double glazing and a modern kitchen. Please check the property link above for full investment analysis.

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7. One bed End of Terrace House in Carlisle for £55,000.

This property features an ideal a front lawn garden, with interior laminate flooring, modern shower room and brick-paved drive. Our algorithms calculate an 8.62% potential achievable yield on this property.

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8. Two Bed End of Terrace House in Middlesbrough for £59,950

This property features a garage to the rear and modern kitchens/bathrooms. The location is under a mile away from the Middlesbrough train station.

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9. One Bed Flat in Blackwood for £59,950

This ground floor flat is an ideal investment opportunity that features a communal hallway in an addition to both a modern bathroom and kitchen. This property is located close to four primary schools within under a mile radius.

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10.  Two Bed Apartment in Rochdale for £60,000

This ground floor apartment is located in the centre of Whitworth Village surrounded by the countryside. This property for Investors could offer up to 8% Yield and 20% return on capital invested.

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If you are looking for more properties under £65,000 or seeking for investments with the highest yields or return on your investment, be sure to check out Check out https://www.oneandonlypro.com/sign-up/ and sign up to our free trial.

*Please note at the date of publication of this blog post these properties were on the market and may get sold in the future.


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