21 August 2019

Types of Property Education

In this blog post One&Only would like to discuss the types of property education and if it is necessary when going into investment. As Elaine mentions in our YouTube video, educating yourself on property is invaluable, the more you understand in the field then the more you will prosper.

There are various Property educational courses available that vary in price and quality.


1. Property Investor Network (PIN)

PIN is a networking community founded by Simon Zutshi in 2003 that exists to ‘support property entrepreneurs’, by providing expert advice on sharing knowledge for free. The network has over 75,000 members within the community.

PIN offers a variety of free tools such as property consultation calls, hidden assets tests and strategy profile tests. 



2. Property Tribes

Property Tribes is a forum created by landlords Nick Tadd and Vanessa Warwick in 2009 that curate’s information topics such as property investment, finance and mortgages. The forums are filled with insightful interviews from experts, landlords and politicians to name a few. The forum is free to use and is constantly updated daily with news and discussions to keep viewers continuously informed.



3. One&Only Pro

One&Only Pro offer a unique AI powered, investment property platform. The One&Only system picks out and filters winning investments opportunities out of thousands of UK properties for the individual investor. The platform enables the skills and insight of a seasoned professional at your fingertips.

One&Only Pro also offer investment information through the format of blogs or video to ask and solve the property markets most demanding questions. Along with other features such as free calculators to help ease investors.



4. Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Series

Robert Kiyosaki created a book in 1997 that promotes financial education through investment, asset management and property. His book portrays the comparisons between his two fathers, one who was one of the richest men in Hawaii and one who was poor.

Kiyosaki outlines varies principles that motivate yourself into financial freedom, where his portfolio of books will allow yourself to awaken your financial genius. These books would change your perception from ‘I cannot afford this’ to ‘how can I afford this’. One&Only highly recommend this book, even though it was first published 22 years, Kiyosaki’s principles and thoughts are still relevant in today’s society.




We have discussed in this blog, cheaper alternatives to educate yourself on property. But please take into account that the amount of education you may require or need to spend, entirely depends on your personal situation. Thank you for reading and I wish you all the best on your property journey!