13 June 2019

How do we derive our rental figures

Elaine is here answering the question "how do we derive our rental figures?" which we received on our feedback form.

We derive our rental data by getting rental figures from various sources all over the UK and compiling them into properly formatted data to be able to use. We use different comparables for different properties. We try to give as up-to-date rents as possible for each property, to ensure that the rent we give is the most accurate. With 4/5 bedroom properties it is harder to give completely accurate rental figures, but we try to give some sort of data so people have an idea and indication as to the rent the potential Buy-to-let property could be achieved.

Our rent prices are comparable from others in the same area, as it doesn't make sense for us to rents from Manchester for London properties for example. We try to take local areas to make sure the rents are accurate and correct for the Buy-to-let property we are showing.