17 May 2019

How to use our System

Elaine is here showing us how you should use our system, and what to do to find the best deals for yourself.

She goes into Aylesbury, as an example town and click the most likely to rise in value properties. She explains that with the first property although it is scored a 10 it may not be the best deal as the rental range is for 5 bedrooms and it is harder to find data for 4/5 bedrooms all over the UK. She says if you aren't confident with one property such as she isn't with this one then go onto the next one.

The next property is much better, reasonable price, 3 bedrooms and good rental range. All round looks like a good investment that you can look into further.

The next couple of properties are again 5 bedrooms. All over the UK there is a lack of data for 4/5 bedrooms as they are not typical investment properties. But at One and Only we try and give a rental range even if it isn't the most accurate so people have an idea if they choose to look into this property further. Also people should always do their own due diligence once they have found a property they wish to invest in.

The next property Elaine finds is only scored a 5.6. This is still a good deal and it means it is still likely to rise in value or has been priced very well for an investor. Again this one looks like a good potential deal for someone.

She also goes on to show us how the ROCI works on our site all over the UK. All the first properties are auction. Elaine explains that this shows the system well as clearly at the price stated these properties are well under value and would rise a lot so the scoring system works well. If people do not want to see the auction then they can filter out the properties, and Elaine shows the incredible ROCI's that can be achieved.

The main points to using our system are as follows Elaine says:

  1. Once you have found a potential investment always do your own due diligence, and view it with the estate agent. Talk to the agents about rental range and do your own data, and always get a RICS survey done.
  2. Take the 4/5 bedroom properties with a pinch of salt. They are still good deals but as there is a lack of data they may need more careful consideration.
  3. Don't get annoyed if the first property you see is not working out for you, move onto the next one until you find one that is suitable for yourself as there will always be a good deal out there for you.