3 May 2019

30% Yielding Properties Nationwide

Elaine is here answering a question we see often, about which areas have properties that achieve yields of 8% and more. She shows us how to use the site to find these different areas by searching all properties and searching by yield. When she does this we can clearly see there are many different areas with properties of 8% yield, in fact there are a lot of ares with properties of 30% yield. She goes to different pages to show the yields are high for many properties. Going into a property we can see a breakdown on the side of costs and how the can be changed to suit anybodies needs. 

She mentions that if you are buying with a mortgage then ROCI (Return on Cash Invested) may be better to search by and shows us this instead. She shows us the good deals for ROCI as well and how ROCI is better for a mortgage as it shows you how much of your cash investment you are getting back from the property.