22 March 2019

Student Vs. Single Let Properties

Elaine talk about the difference between student and single let properties and mortgages for properties.

We received a comment on our feedback form about the student rooms on our site, and how our yield compares to the ones on the site. The comment also mentioned about mortgages. 

Our yields are not based around student properties, they are based more for single lets and so the rent we give may be higher than that of a student property. We also filter out student properties, so if one appears on the site it is an anomaly and should be disregarded.

The calculators on the site are used as guidelines and do not mean that a property is mortgage-able. They are there for people who want to see what a mortgage could be like or if they used a bridging lender and had different rates how that would change the payments. They are a useful tool on all properties to help people easily calculate.