8 March 2019

Misconceptions about our yield

Elaine is explaining some misconceptions about the yield on our website. With the rents and yield on our website they aren't exact, they are the potential rent/yield we think can be achieved for that property given that it is done to a high standard. Our rents are there for a guideline for people to use as a basis before doing their own research and finding out for themselves.

The yield is best used as a sorting filter, to show the properties with the most potential for a high yield. We have noticed that some people have also been saying our rents are incorrect. we are potentially looking into changing the way we do our rents to make them more accurate and a tighter band. For properties that rent for less that what we have given, we see this as an opportunity for a good deal as that property could rise in value or could be a good deal for someone. 

In our scores the system shows a lot of strength here too, the 10's are very strong and our system is 99% accurate. 

The system is generally good at showing the future of properties and where property prices are likely to change or rise in value.