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Posted by Amar Dhillon 8 months ago

How does your scoring system work?

Hello, was just wondering if I could get a understanding of how your scoring system works?Thank you
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Amar Dhillon - 8 months ago
We score each property in our database from 1 to 10. The higher the score, the more likely it is to rise in price. A quick glance the score gives you an instant idea of the potential for capital appreciation.

Properties which score 10 are the diamonds in the rough, once in a lifetime investments, and they sell fast. Properties with scores of between 7-9 are great investments, and will outperform other similar properties. Lower scores may still indicate a solid investment, but the majority of our clients are interested in the massive gains possible higher up the ladder.

Properties with an Unclassified label instead of a score haven't made it into our index. This could be because we have doubts about the property, because of an error when the property was listed, or a myriad of technical reasons.